Look around.  It’s everywhere: information overload.

You know how easy it is to minimize, close, mute and skip ahead.  So how do you reach your ideal customer?

A modern marketing approach is the only way to grow faster.  A lot of businesses today are struggling with fear of missing out: they sign up for every social media account possible, commit to blogging, a website, an app.

The solution is actually simple: less is more.   One of the first things a growing business can do is to be strategic. It’s the fundamental of growth, and the fundamental of marketing.  Inbound marketing, social media, viral marketing, etc., all of have one thing in common: a point.

In a world where your ideal customer also is struggling with FOMO, they are subscribed to dozens, if not hundreds of alerts, newsletters, notifications, social media profiles, blogs to check, etc.

The best thing you can do is to be the simple solution to give guidance and be a resource for your ideal buyer.