Overwhelmed? Remember this universal principle

leadership odigo academy Apr 25, 2022

Are you losing momentum on your to-do list? Losing control of your calendar? Believe me, that's happened to me before and believe it or not, it actually happens periodically every couple of weeks or months. Sometimes we just need to reset or things feel like they're slightly out of control. Even busy executives and entrepreneurs sometimes have to go back to the basics.

Even when you become successful, it doesn't mean you can ignore the laws of the world. If you feel like you're losing momentum. We may need to go back to the old 80 20 rule. If you look back at your calendar, look back at the past week, look back at the past a year for your business. 20% of your time, your effort, your resources have driven 80% of the results of your organization.

They've driven 80% of the success of your business, 20% of your customers, your projects, your services, your products drive 80% of the revenue in your business. If it's been a minute since you've taken a look at that balance, go back and look at your calendar. Will each priority for the list and identify what are the things that are going to drive the most value for your business today?

This week. And how can you focus more on those? Once you focus on those, you'll find that a weight will literally lift off of your shoulder, at least it does, for me, my calendar gets back in the zone. My to-do list gets back under control. My email inbox gets back to be manageable and I go to bed at night, feeling like I didn't lose momentum during the day.

So, if you were like me, occasionally, periodically, take a minute to reset with the 80/ 20 rule for your personal life this week, reset for your business this week, and you'll find massive value in term of growing and scaling your business, your productivity in terms of what you do.

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Here's to growing!

- Brian Sallee

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