Beat the competition (at your game)

competition Apr 07, 2022

Are you trying to disrupt your business? Today I've got an idea for you. What is one thing that your competition is doing that you are also doing that you don't have to do? So make a list, grab a whiteboard, jot down 5, 10, 15 things that you do as a business and your competition does as a business. I'm talking about things like the way you market the way that you price your product the way you sell, how do you calculate your margins?

How do you build your sales funnels? How do you bill your customers? There are a couple of things that very likely your business does that all of your competition does think through marketing, operations, finance, and sales. One of those top two to four things. Now here's the idea: is any one of those, something that if you were to remove it would actually drive faster growth for you, meaning in your specific business, does the setup fee slow down conversion times?

Does some element of financing take longer to make your product or service easier to deploy. If you could deploy your product automatically or roll out your service quicker, is it something that would make an exponential and a drastic difference to your business? Rank those on a scale one to three, one to five, depending on how many you come up with and chances are, you will come up with one or two phenomenal ideas that you may not have even thought of before that you can implement today almost for free. Now don't rip the bandaid off. Maybe something you have to roll out slowly, but that's one of the best ways to be disruptive without investing a ton of money in growing your business.

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Here's to growing!

- Brian Sallee

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